Survey Features and Functions for all the good stuff!


Easy Survey Creation

Create your own survey with our fast and super easy to use survey tool. With ‘drag and drop’ technology, we have a wide range of question types for you to choose from.

You can select your own colours, fonts and logo to add to the surveys, use skip logic and much more. No third party software is required. You simply need your browser and a free kuwanda user account.

Offline Surveys

Need to take a survey and you’re not sure if you have a good data connection on site?

Simply download the kuwanda app, login with your details and click ‘synchronise’ to ensure your Android device is loaded with all the current surveys you are working on before heading to your intended destination.

Once onsite, you simply access and carry out all the surveys needed from a phone or tablet. All the captured data is stored locally on the device.

When you are back at a location with a data connection, simply tap the ‘Sync’ button and all of the captured data is securely transmitted to transmitted to kuwanda for you for you to manipulate as required.

Skip Logic

Skip logic is a feature that takes your users through certain paths within a survey based on how they answer previous questions.

This prevents your users going through every question of a survey when not all the questions will apply to them. This powerful feature means your survey will more likely be completed by your intended respondent.

Exporting Data

Once you have a set of completed surveys, it could be 1 or 1 million! You can then, from the kuwanda dashboard, start manipulating the data.

There is a dedicated section for exporting the information to a CSV file or directly in to an Excel spreadsheet.

Additionally you could also convert individual surveys directly to PDF for printing.

Live Feedback

With the kuwanda live feedback feature, you can easily see specific information from your surveys pushed directly to your dashboard, giving you instant and graphical information without the need to trawl through masses of exported data.

UK Based Support

We are a UK based company with a global customer base, all of our departments are in the UK.




  • 2 Surveys Per Month
  • 10 Questions
  • 100 Responses
  • Email Support Only
  • Customisable Surveys
  • Skip Logic
  • Live Reports
  • Data Export To CSV/Excel